A methodology for validating software product metrics

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But software development teams and management run the risk of having too much data and not enough emphasis on the software metrics that help deliver useful software to customers.The technical question of how software metrics are collected, calculated and reported are not as important as deciding how to use software metrics.Additionally, software metrics shouldn’t be monitored simply because they’re easy to obtain and display – only metrics that add value to the project and process should be tracked.Software metrics are great for management teams because they offer a quick way to track software development, set goals and measure performance.Software metrics are related to the four functions of management: Planning, Organization, Control, or Improvement.

Within the software development process, there are many metrics that are all related to each other.

On a more granular level, software development managers are trying to: These goals can be achieved by providing information and clarity throughout the organization about complex software development projects.

Metrics are an important component of quality assurance, management, debugging, performance, and estimating costs, and they’re valuable for both developers and development team leaders: Software metrics offer an assessment of the impact of decisions made during software development projects.

Make the software metrics work for the software development team so that it can work better.

Measuring and analyzing doesn’t have to be burdensome or something that gets in the way of creating code.

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