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Each chromosome can duplicate an exact copy of itself so that each new cell that is formed has a full, identical set of chromosomes.Rarely, there is a problem with the child's chromosomes.This is so that, when an egg and a sperm meet during conception, the child that is produced also has 46 chromosomes in each cell.New body cells are produced for growth and repair by cells dividing, producing two 'daughter' cells.

However, egg and sperm cells only have 23 chromosomes (1 chromosme from each pair).Possible problems include too many chromosomes, too few chromosomes or damage to one or more chromosomes.The abnormal chromosomes may mean that the baby cannot survive and so may cause a miscarriage.See the separate leaflets called Amniocentesis, Chorionic Villus Sampling and Ultrasound Scan.Diagnosis after birth will be made by investigations if a baby has any features suggesting cri du chat syndrome. The parents of a child with cri du chat syndrome should also have genetic testing to find out whether one parent has a change in chromosome 5.

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Other features may include learning difficulties and slow growth and development. However, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, and surgical treatment for some abnormal features may be needed.

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