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Despite her protestations to the contrary, I had been picturing a lonely woman who, even though she didn’t want to believe it, was actually beginning to fall in love with a man she had never met.

What else besides that and loneliness would compel us to believe that someone across the world we’d never met would fall head over heels in love with us over email?Although none of the internet security experts I asked had ever heard of that approach in particular, there was a perverted sort of logic to it.The role of the scammer in these ploys is to engender sympathy from the victim in order to convince them to send money.i was a little bit curious to know more about this man, he sent me some fotos, fotos from, four month later i found out the real identity of the man showing at this fotos are you and i found out that the man, who uses your fotos is an nigerian scammer.”But after going back and forth with the woman over Facebook, it occurred to me that maybe I was actually the mark of a meta-scam wherein the real scammer is falsely claiming to have been scammed by someone claiming to look like me in order to get the type of sympathy that these sorts of romance scams rely on.

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But what does it mean when the face on the other end of the scam looks a bit more familiar? That’s a question I was confronted with when I was contacted out of the blue by a recently divorced German woman on Facebook claiming to have been involved in a months-long burgeoning romance with a man she had never met. Her broken English only served to heighten the sense of disconnect from reality as she explained the details of her affair:“normally it is not my way to contact an absolut strange man at facebook, but it might be, that this i want you to tell is a little bit interresting for you.

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