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Amibroker charts not updating

(It does not include data access) Total data access time is sum of times required to access fresh data via plugin for all displayed symbols plus time required to apply time filtering, and time compression from base interval to displayed interval.Plug-in time per symbol is time spent in plug-in Get Quotes call per *single* symbol.The difference is not so significant with less bars, but still with even 300 bars, loop requires 0.1ms and array needs 0.01ms so it is 10 times faster.So there are few guidelines for AFL coding: In order to help you in real-time monitoring of program performance, Ami Broker provides two tools.The interval can be specified in minutes or seconds (for example entering 10s means 10-seconds, while 5m means 5-minutes). I am starting Automatic repeat analysis and it will repeat every 5Min. But some times I dont know whether it is active or not.If any indication on the Tool Bar highilighting the respective Button will be good. For more information about optimum use of multithreading and other general remarks regarding performance see Efficient Use of Multithreading.

The status bar performance indicator shows: Load Factor is a percentage value that shows relative 'snappiness' of the program.When load factor rises above 100% the warning tooltip will pop up once informing what is the reason of poor performance When load factor rises above 300% the above tooltip will reappear every minute.Ami Broker will continue working with loads even above 1000% however the performance will be bad (one update per 5 seconds or more).If you display 10 symbol charts at once Ami Broker will call Get Quotes 10 times so this time gets multiplied by number of symbols displayed (this total plugin time *is* included in total data access time figure - listed above) If Plug-in time per symbol exceeds 10ms it means that plugin is slow (or does not use new ADK 2.0), if this is the case you should contact plugin vendor to get updated plugin that uses ADK 2.0.Recommended is to keep this load factor below 100%.

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Hi I must be doing something wrong, but I am unable to set the Automatic Refresh Interval in an Analysis Window.

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