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In a film like this, obviously a girl gets hidden; the actress is not going to be the focus. At that time, I did think that I should have chosen a profession that was more fair. A hard fact is that nothing succeeds like success, more so in the film world. Unless you are good, capable of selling a product and raking in money, nobody's going to offer you work.But I'm a fighter, I'll get up and get going again. I see a change even in the people and society that I've grown up in. That's nice but I also know that the same people will be the first ones to put me down if a film of mine flops.She has been in love with him since 2003 and still is...So all those wannabez out there, Please don't begg and try with her!!! The cast of Contagion - 2011 includes: Dan Aho as Aaron Barnes Ylian Alfaro Snyder as Sick Citizen Maura Antas as Family Member Joseph Anthony Foronda as WHO Official Jason Babinsky as Shivering Man Erik Batoog as Sick Guy Jonny Beltran as Pharmacy Rioter Brandon Berk as Extra Mary Beth Dolan as Nun Andrew Biesen as Pedestrian Adam Blaszkiewicz as Angry Person Ira Blumen as Helpful Doctor Jeff Botelho as Captain at CDC Ahmed Boulane…Was signed for Piyush Pandya (American Desi) movie "The Arranged Marriage" (2003). Amisha later opted out and Perizaad Zorabian replaced her.Starring Perizaad Zorabian, Ayesha Dharker, Ajay Naidu, Russel Peters.

But if I did a "Khallas," my career would also be Khallas with it! in such a short time, now they embark on another journey. To join or not to join films was the biggest choice I had to make.

But for me it was all about the intellect and not about the outer facade.. I say yes when I feel the audience can relate to my character in some way.

When I played a mother in my second film, "Gadar", and was covered from head to toe, people thought I was damaging my career. 2001) Since I haven't undergone formal training, KNPH was like an acting school for me. I know there are a lot of mistakes that I have made.

[on Hrithik Roshan's and Sussanne Roshan's new born child, Hrehaan] We were children together... I'd done two years of biogenetic engineering, was an economics graduate and a gold medalist.

I had also been a Bharatanatyam dancer from age five, always won the best actress award in school. We talk to each other even now and help each other.

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Finally I decided to do things for my soul, chose to act. I don't think two actresses from the same generation can be friends.

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