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Nothing is sexier than finding a beautiful woman with a great sense of humor to pass your time with and even develop friendship or possibly even more.

Zo Zo Chat or Chat Zo Zo is an extraordinary place to be and chat without registration.

Nothing goes to waste in this factory and it is an experience not to miss for rum connoisseurs.

Guided tours are available and you get to try the eye-watering Rivers Rum at the end.

Currently, it houses the Royal Grenada Police force, but has sections which are open to the public. Fort Matthew is the largest fort on the island and has been used as a battle ground through to mental asylum. Guided tours are available and you can also hire out the facilities for private functions.

The French had confounded the British (who had been anticipating a naval attack) by attacking from inland.

Take a tour and explore the grounds of the estate and the chocolate making processes used here.

Today, we got the second trailer for The School and it looks bloody brilliant.

It is basically a small bastion tracer fort, which means that each level can give covering fire for the other level, and has been in constant use in one form or another since it has been built.

It was once the heart of the town, but as the town has grown and times have changed, it has been relegated to being used as a simple extensive building. George’s University, and the surrounding countryside and Caribbean Sea.

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Not wanting to be caught out in the same way, the French constructed Fort Frederick with its cannons facing inland, rather than out to sea, earning it the nickname "Backwards facing fort." This, Mr.

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