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Bayonet dating

Cugir had a long tradition in weapons manufacture (since the end of the 18th century).During WW II Cugir arsenal was named "Uzinele Metalurgice Copsa Mica-Cugir" (in Romanian language), which can be translated as "The Metallurgic Plants Copsa Mica-Cugir (Information on Cugir via )During German Occupation the Germans supplied the puppet Slovak government with Czech made bayonets, these are marked with a mark similar to the Czech marking but using a stamp with 3 hills with a cross on it, later versions do not have the numbers either side of this stamp.A shorter version of the 23 can be found with a length of 384mm as opposed to the 540mm of the long blade version.Collectors call the two versions the VZ23 Long and VZ23 short respectively.These blades can be found with both Austrian and Czech markings.VZ23 With the increase in the prominence of the Czech arms industry the VZ23 bayonet was made for export with it's Mauser rifle.Most of these bayonets also have the Rumanian CM marking.The Germans took over production of the VZ24 bayonet during WWII, and the markings changed: Wa A only.

During WWII the Germans used large numbers of Czech blades and removed the muzzle rings, as per standard German practice - the very long hilt groove proving to give sufficient support for the mounted weapon.This is required when it is necessary to protect the signals or data conducted by the connector, as well as to protect external devices, from disturbance due to electromagnetic effects.On this page I have outlined the various VZ24 and VZ33 pattern bayonets available to the collector and have used my own collection and photographs from other collectors to illustrate the variations.The information below has been gleaned from books and discussions held by the BCN, any mistake, correction or additional information will be gratefully received.Many thanks to Brian Conkle for the information he provided me based on his knowledge and collection of the VZ bayonets98/22 Czechoslovak manufactured version of the Austrian 1895, for use on the 1895 Mannlicher originally used by the Czech military.

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This further complicates the identification of users etc.

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