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Booty phone chat

I thought I had it all and had this game of life sh*t figured out.After this life-changing moment featuring Pierce’s booty call, I woke up from the madness of my reality: I don’t.They were “successful, ” yet they seemed to be lacking meaning.Instead, they were fascinated with me because I appeared to have more meaning than them.Apparently, he had left a voicemail wanting a booty call.

I’ve never been near the guy and probably never will be. I was sitting in a pub with a few people I’d just met.I spoke with a sense of purpose and I clearly was not interested in money.Unlike everyone else, I had no interest in being a groupie and riding off their success.I’m of the belief that if we keep searching with an optimistic mindset, we can find it. What I figured out the other night is that all of us have the power to achieve these human goals.From what many have described as my “hellish” twelve months, I realized the other night at that pub that I’m calm. Nothing is impossible but it can be if you give up.

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By coincidence, Tony said we have to have a mantra when we lack meaning.