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Ccm bicycle serial number dating chart

It was tough, light and inexpensive, which made it very popular.

Replacements for Simplex Prestige derailleurs is a very common experience with vintage bicycles.I propose that CCM was becoming less stringent with their serial number useage at this time, because there are some definite overlapping of years and a few odd letters recognized. Not much has been discussed about this range of years, until now.Maybe the increased sales during this period made it difficult. Perhaps in time, we will have a more accurate list.Sales for 1969 include 31 K-series serial numbers and 11 L-series numbers.The Yahoo group does not recognize L-series serial numbers, but they clearly existed and based on the models, they weren't leftovers from 1956!

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In the conversations that followed, one of our members confirmed that he had an "L" serial number.....probably another 1968.

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