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Cell phone dating warnings

This clever technology that keeps us constantly in touch with friends, relatives and even the Internet may be a boon, but it has also opened up more of the airwaves to crooks and snoopers.In some cases, further technological advances have made it tougher for certain cell phone scams to work, but elsewhere the crooks are having a field day.There’s nothing more you can do other than keep a close eye on your bill.Cell phone scam merchants may find it more difficult to scan for your phone ID but they can do potentially much more dangerous things — like listening in to your calls and downloading your phone usage records.Action: Look after your cell phone as carefully as you care for your wallet.If you must use it to store confidential information, use password protection.This website is sponsored by the Environmental Health Trust (EHT).EHT is a non-profit organization that educates individuals, health professionals and communities about controllable environmental health risks and policy changes needed to reduce those risks.

You can find more about identity theft in the Identity Theft Information Center.Alternatively, they can be mined for any personal and contact details stored on them.In other words, loss of your phone can be just a prelude for costly identity theft.Action: If you don’t let your phone out of your sight and always password protect it, people can’t install software on it.But, to be on the safe side, always switch the phone fully off so it can’t be activated when confidentiality could be compromised.

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Apart from driving nearby people crazy with their awful sounds, users of downloaded ringtones could be exposing themselves to a couple of potentially costly cell phone scams.