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It has been suggested that the name of the city derives from this term. As with other nouns of that declension, it had been undergoing a morphological transformation at the early stage of the development of the language, as a result the first written mentions in the 12th century were , Muskav, etc.

In a similar manner the Latin name Moscovia has been formed, later it became a colloquial name for Russia used in Western Europe in the 16th–17th centuries.

There have been proposed several theories of the origin of the name of the river.

Finno-Ugric Merya and Muroma people, who were among the several pre-Slavic tribes which originally inhabited the area, called the river supposedly Mustajoki.

Martin von Vallenrodt collected books on various branches of knowledge. After the German defeat in 1918, the Polish Corridor of Danzig separated East Prussia and Königsberg from the rest of Germany.

Today the collection includes 291 printed volumes, as well as holdings of original medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, and literary and historical papers dating back to the XVI-XVIII centuries. Hitler’s desire to reunite them was one of the sparks that lit WWII.

By its territorial expansion on July 1, 2012 southwest into the Moscow Oblast, the area of the capital more than doubled, going from 1,091 to 2,511 square kilometers (421 to 970 sq mi), resulting in Moscow becoming the largest city on the European continent by area; it also gained an additional population of 233,000 people.Annually, the Aviation Centre trains about 300 specialists for airport ground services, over 100 flight attendants and 70 air ticket officers. The Vallenrodt library is a famous collection of medieval books. It became one of the cities of the Hanseatic League and was once the capital of Prussia.The library was named after its founder, Martin von Vallenrodt (1570-1632), coming from the Vallenrodt family, belonging to the highest Prussian nobility. The philosopher Immanuel Kant spent all his life in the city and died there in 1804.Innovarium has four laboratories: Innovarium smartly pairs co-working, lectures and recreation. The Aviation Centre of the University is the only training centre in Russia having a real aircraft - Boeing 737. Please contact us by email - [email protected] Kaliningrad Oblast is the westernmost region of the Russian Federation.The aircraft is used as a training simulator; it is a key element of the Aviation Centre infrastructure. Königsberg (as the city of Kaliningrad was once known) was founded by Teutonic knights in the XIII century.

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Both chambers of the Russian parliament (the State Duma and the Federation Council) also sit in the city.