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If you dive into a relationship thinking that a person will change their ways after being with you for a while, think again!This will only lead to frustration and insecurity on both ends!If a job, a title, money, or even a hobby is what they worship, then don’t continue in the relationship! Unless they sincerely repent and turn back to God, the idol in their life will pull them further away from Jesus.

By downloading our free mobile app, you can:• Set up a Compatible Partners Dating account • Complete your Relationship Questionnaire• Upload photos from your phone or from Facebook• Receive your daily compatible matches• See why certain matches are compatible and based on what attributes• Send Smiles to your matches• Learn more about your matches by sending pre-written Quick Questions Get the most out of your Compatible Partners experience by subscribing.Jesus will be the glue that keeps you together through good times and bad times.He alone is God, and when we focus on Him and his greatness everything else gets put in its place.It can be difficult to know what your soulmate will be like.After spending lots of time with a person, you get to see what they value and where their heart is.

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If one person is totally surrendered to the Lord’s will and the other one is just “playing Christian” then the relationship is bound to fail.