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In the company, they made fun of me, saying that G-Dragon put me in a headlock.” She then emphasizes her position on the dating rumor, saying, “I don’t date within the company.” Yoo Hee Yeol adds, “I’ve been to those kinds of sites a lot so I know.

Both pictures are supposedly taken at the same angle, but the bottom picture shows Kiko’s face clearly in view. Amusement park date In July 2011, the two were sighted at an amusement park.G-Dragon can be seen in the middle, in full 80’s attire, while Kiko can be seen to his right, sporting a curly, blonde hair wig and a blue headband. Christmas together On Christmas of 2013, the two were spotted by a fan in Phuket, Thailand.The two shared quality time together, along with Harry Kim, a friend of G-Dragon’s.The picture shows G-Dragon with blonde hair on the far left, sitting with Kiko to his right, and Harry on the far right.Both shots show not only the identical lighting of the sunset, but also the same landscape in the distance.

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But, rumors has it that Sandara Park has been dating fellow YG artist, G-dragon aka Kwon Jiyong. There are many rumors about him and Sandara Park and CL and Bom of 2ne1 but GD has said that he doesn't date people in the company. I don't think no1 in junior members don't have gf cuz they are not gay including G dragon for sure.

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