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There are exceptions to this, but generally, you can manually search public records yourself to gather the same information that the paid site will show you.One exception to this is that a paid site usually archives information, too, and doesn't just show recent data.Here are the sites: I have a new girlfriend and she seems to be under the impression that I am going to continue to pay for everything when we date.

A paid site that's been pulling this information from public databases for years, might be able to provide half a dozen numbers, unused email address, old social media accounts, loans they've applied for, etc.The last thing you want to do is to continue to pay for everything, even when you don’t want to, and bring this up months later after her expectations have already been met plenty of times.Sit down with her and let her know exactly what your expectations and boundaries are as far as this issue is concerned. Make sure to stick to your boundaries on this and don’t cave in to any unreasonable requests that could strain your finances or for that matter, your own personal comfort level with finances. Or, maybe you need to do a reverse username search to see who owns the account you found online, or who's been writing to you from a strange email address.No matter the case, you shouldn't pay for a people finder site unless the paid option will most definitely give you information that you can't find from a free service.

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Its not so much that I can’t afford to pay it’s more that I think i have done my share of paying.

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  1. The personality questionnaire is time consuming and can be a pain, but once you finish it, you feel better about the matches they give you, and it’s interesting to see what other members answered in comparison to yours.