Dating a rape victim

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Dating a rape victim

The effects are typically felt within 30 minutes and include: Date rape drugs are powerful.Rohypnol is a central nervous system depressant or tranquilizer.A MUM has revealed how she escaped a horror four-hour rape attack at the hands of her Tinder lover by pretending she was dead.Brave Sarah Smith*, 41, was savagely attacked by violent James Mc Nutt, who held a pillow over her face as he brutally raped her.The brute persuaded Sarah to let him go back to hers but when her family showed up for a party, Mc Nutt left and Sarah believed the ordeal was over.She said: "I went to go to bed and forget about it.

He locked me in the house and, when I went to grab my phone, he went into a wild rage, saying I’d been cheating on him.The mum said: "He disappeared then bombarded me with messages, saying he was about to commit suicide.He threatened to jump off a cliff in Wales, it was awful.Unfortunately, I started to cough so he knew I wasn't dead. That app saved my life." Sarah met Mc Nutt on Tinder in April last year and the pair exchanged numbers and soon began dating."The police had previously suggested I downloaded the Hollie Guard app which helps domestic violence victims. Fortunately, there was a neighbour outside working on his car and I got free from his arm and ran. But the "charming" and "lovely guy" became controlling and bombarded Sarah with text messages and phone calls - causing her young daughter to stay with her grandparents when he came over.

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"He beat me up badly, stamping over me, smashing a glass over my head and giving me a black eye.