Dating agency for millionaires

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Dating agency for millionaires

Over the summer, 21 millionaires paid RMB100,000 each in Beijing to attend an elite singles party, while in the southern city of Shenzhen, more than 10,000 women competed for 18 tickets to the “Prince Moneybags” dating competition.

Each of the eligible bachelors attending were worth a minimum of RMB30 million.

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Of course he has to pay for all their hotel bills and meals.“Currently, he has said he wants us to find him a stewardess, but not an economy class one.

First-class stewardesses tend to be well turned-out, and they have considerate and devoted personalities with an eye for detail.

The only women who they meet tend to be waitresses or the paid hostesses at karaoke parlors.“A typical client is very successful in his career and they tend to be a bit older - over 30 usually.Her minimum requirements, she says, are that girls should be at least 5’2” (157cm) without high heels on, that they are younger than 30 and that they do not wear too much make-up.“I work an eight hour shift on the hunt,” she says.“In that time I might approach seven to eight girls, of whom four to five might be suitable.”Almost immediately, she spots a willowy 22-year-old heading towards a noodle restaurant with a friend.In the five years since it was founded in Shanghai, it has opened offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Nanjing and plans to open one in millionaire-rich Hangzhou later this year.But it is not the only firm trying to matchmake China’s rich.

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