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Encompassing medieval, Tudor and Stuart architecture, a pre-Georgian house is a precious and wonderful thing.

Pinning down an exact date for a pre-Georgian building can be very difficult.

Some areas of the country have had land registration since the 18th century.

Having undertaken a survey of the primary sources and some literature on the history of building evolution, you can then explore the style and physical evidence of your home.

Regional differences in materials and construction also come into play.

Dating is best done by looking at the plan-form of your building and understanding the materials used in its construction.

Treat the description as a starting point and not as concrete evidence.

Often it isn’t an adequate basis for undertaking informed work so doing your own investigation is a good idea.

The UK possesses thousands of old buildings whose origins stretch back centuries.

Led by Margaret Dunn, she and her large group of volunteers have identified and successfully dated around seventy early houses with the help of the Royal Commission’s architectural historian, Richard Suggett.

The earliest Snowdonian house dated by inscription is .

An analysis of these results in the context of the economic and social changes of the sixteenth century by Richard Suggett and members of the Dating Old Welsh Houses Group will be published by the Royal Commission in autumn 2014.

Many period homeowners are interested in learning the history of their building, but it can seem a daunting task when you aren’t sure where to start.

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The process of dating a historic building is usually achieved through interacting both with the building itself and also with archival documents and published studies of buildings.