Dating fender guitars mexico

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Dating fender guitars mexico

I read somewhere on the internet awhile back about fender and it's wood back in the early 90's.

I just can't remember the site, and almost half the facts I read. Fender has been using both alder and poplar, but in 89', or maybe it was 90' or 91', oh well, somwhere in there anyway, fender was having some kind of trouble with the availibility with their alder, I think it had something enviromentally to do with it.

As far as I know, wood used for bodies in Mexican Strats now is alder, but I remember that once it was poplar (am I right ? Does anyone know if there were any changes connected with anniversary guitars from Mexico (1996 - 50 years of Fender) - for example other wood, better pickups, etc ?

Thank you in advance regards Tomek Oh yeah, sorry about that, I totally missed your other inquiry.

"MN6" would suggest 1996, but after it, there are 6 digits instead of 5 (on guitar dating page there are 5 digits after MN6). ----------------------------------------------------------------- Not to worry, I'm pretty sure your guitar is genuine.

An explanation for your extra serial number is probably just a goof on Fender's information page.

Don't hold me to this information, a few things here and there could be wrong but thats basically how the story went. Here's a site you can use for dating fender guitars and a number of other guitar makers, it's a good one for your anniversary pickups, I'm not too sure about them, but for all I know they could be alittle more top-of-the-line, with an anniversary model they usually upgrade something, most likely it will be the pickups, since that's the number one upgrade that does a guitar justice._________________Chet Feathers Authorized Tone Pros Dealer Authorized WD Music Products Dealer F/A Official Southpaw Compliance Certification Tester I didn't Lose my mind, I traded it for this guitar. I have thought that my guitar's body was made from poplar - as far as I remember, I had browsed found poplar in Mexican Strats specs.

Your 96' should be free and clear from poplar, so you don't have to worry about that either. Later, I saw alder in specs and I didn't know, which wood was used in 96.

I just wanted to write this new information here, since I have started this topic.Could you possibly post a link or information about wood, hardware and pickups that were used on those guitars ?Thank you in advance, regards Tomek The serial number of my guitar is : MN6228687.In December 2012, TPG Growth (the middle market and growth equity investment platform of TPG Capital) and Servco Pacific took control of the company after acquiring the shares held by Weston Presidio.Following its success, Fender created the first mass-produced electric bass, the Precision Bass (P-Bass).

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