Dating for the celiac who is wwe john cena dating

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Dating for the celiac

With any luck, you’ll run across the right person sooner rather than later and with these tips, you can make it through the dating process even with celiac disease.

Before she was diagnosed with coeliac disease, Pia Strobel never thought she’d be so scared of breadcrumbs on the counter, so afraid of putting a knife down in the kitchen, or so thrilled to fall in love with someone who felt exactly the same way.

If certain people can’t see past it, they aren’t worth your time anyway.

You probably have go-to places that you know are safe and you’ll be able to be yourself and have more fun if you know the things around you won’t make you sick.

Within two years, she had moved from Connecticut to Montana to live with Mr Graff, 46, a land surveyor.

The blissful couple say they can’t imagine having the kind of relationship they share, had one of them not been gluten-free.

Today, there are online dating services, matchmakers, speed dating options and plenty of other ways to find someone special.

Dating makes most people nervous, but if you have celiac disease, there are even more complications.

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When you are meeting someone, possibly for the first time, the last thing you want to do is ask the waiter question after question.

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