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8 European students and 4 young specialists from Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Germany, Spain and Italy from organizations-members of ENEN Association acquired a better understanding of nuclear fuel properties and manufacturing techniques realized in Russian Federation.2015 November - 1st Meeting of the ENEN RU E&T Forum The International Conference on “Nuclear Safety and Personnel Training” hosted the first ENEN-RU II Forum Meeting in Obninsk, Russian Federation, on 24-25 November 2015.In the early 1970s, dissident scientists such as Valentin Turchin and Zhores Medvedev could still rely on their local and international scientific networks to provide a certain level of protection against state persecution when disseminating their critical views.

Kickoff meeting group picture 2014 September - Presentation of the ENEN RU II Project in VUZPROMEXPO Conference 2014 October - Reference in the EU-Russia-Year of Science Website Publication of the Kickoff meeting reference in the EU-Russia-Year of Science Website.2016 July - First International training Summer School on "Engineering Computer Modeling" in NRNU MEPh I On 4-15 July 2016, this innovative Summer school took place with the attendance of the following students.27 June–1 July 2016 - Joint training course “The safety issues of VVER-type reactors with nuclear fuel based on reprocessed uranium” With the title of "The safety issues of VVER-type reactors with nuclear fuel based on reprocessed uranium”, a joint training course was organized by ROSATOM-CICE&T branch in Saint Petersburg with the participation of trainees from Slovakia, Italy, Romania and Czech Republic.Nastavovat můžete všechny obvyklé záznamy typu A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT a SRV. Všechny domény, které si u MIXhosting zaregistrujete nebo převedete, jsou automaticky zabezpečeny pomocí technologie DNSSEC.Takto vysoký standard zabezpečení domén není u všech poskytovatelů hostingových služeb samozřejmostí, u nás jej však mají všechny domény a to zdarma.

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