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Said balance is always the main subject of discussion in music genre genealogies and the capital reason why an absolute visual reference has been absent thus far (and probably always will be).Musicmap is a platform in search for the perfect balance of popular music genres to provide a powerful tool for educational means or a complementary framework in the field of music metadata and automatic taxonomy.

The current version (1.0) provides a starting platform that should already cover a great deal of the following main goals: The Carta is like a real world map, only the vertical axis represents time (top=past, bottom=future) and the horizontal axis represents the corresponding super-genre.

[example of two different genres as shown on the Carta, with explanation of possible links.

Notice the use of “/”, indicating synonyms and “&”, indicating a combination of two (or more) different but closely related genres into a sibling genre group.] When you click on any main music genre, a specific genre panel will pop up, with much additional information as shown on the picture below.

This is a utopian balance that can never be achieved but only approached.

By choosing the right amount of genres, determining forms of hierarchy and analogy and ordering everything in a logical but authentic manner, a satisfactory balance can be obtained.

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