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Dirk nowitzki dating black girl

Crystal Taylor's friend sold the video made in his kitchen to the press, and it landed in You Tube.Nowitzki says he is furious, and feels "somehow helpless, as well." The NBA Stage Two years ago Dirk Nowitzki, 31, became the first European to win the NBA's Most Valuable Player award.His cheeks are tanned and his hair is blonder than usual.He just returned from a vacation in Crete the day before the meeting.Dirk confirmed the engagement during an interview with the Ba D (Bob and Dan) show on Dallas Sports Radio 1310. This came on the heels of a less than awesome romance for the big man, causing many in Dallas to celebrate his off-the-court success.

Still, it is a pressure-packed life full of potential pitfalls.

'I Felt Nothing at All' He wishes he could have holed up there forever, he says.

Seven weeks ago, his mentor, Holger Geschwindner, explained to him that his personal life had been a farce for the past year.

The woman he had hugged so affectionately in his kitchen in Preston Hollow, an exclusive residential area in Dallas, was a swindler, a gold-digger. The conversation with Geschwindner lasted four hours.

But Nowitzki still doesn't understand what happened.

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The German star recently stumbled into one of those traps.

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