Echeck dating sites

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e Check has broad applications for funds transfer, deposit and remittances, and Pay Stand offers a rich API so you can customize our implementation to suit your business.

We also offer quickly deployable plug-ins for popular e Commerce and web development environments.

Get your free e Checks are gaining in popularity because they can be processed for a fraction of the fees taken by credit card payments (see below).

They provide an easy and secure way to get paid directly from a customer’s bank account, and make a lot of sense for big-ticket or subscription-based items. banks, which allow us to connect with their secure online banking portals to authorize direct debit transactions.

They don’t need any special credentials other than their banking login to authorize the transaction.

You can set up the recurring payment option when you turn on e Check payments in the Pay Stand dashboard to monthly or annual.

Paper checks are quickly becoming a thing of the past, but online credit card payments aren't a good fit for most businesses, due to the high transaction fees.

e Checks are a more affordable alternative to credit cards, faster than paper checks, and allow you to automate your billing process with recurring charges.

Most people have their bank logins memorized, which makes it a more convenient payment method than entering in all those credit card digits and security codes.

Pay Stand gives you several options to guide your customer to an e Check payment.

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Even better, Pay Stand will deposit the funds for you and save you a trip to the bank.