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Faceparty dating site

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this nostalgia trip, as these networks have played a key role within the story of the social media industry.Who knows, in 10 years’ time, some of the most popular social platforms at the moment could find themselves in a similar blog.The platform famed for music and personalisation was the world’s most popular social networking site until 2008.Even with a takeover from Rupert Murdoch’s News International, Myspace struggled to prevent its users from migrating to Facebook and Twitter.It then took another change in direction to that of a dating site, with meeting new users and rating their pictures becoming key focuses.3 identities later, Hi5 still operates quietly today and is owned by IF(WE), formerly known as Tagged.

In one of the most extreme culls ever seen, Faceparty has announced it will be terminating carte blanche all accounts held by users over 36 years old for fear they may be sex offenders!

A Church, tree house, a cinema, derelict building, bunker, rainforest, waterfalls, cave, subterranean bar and even a military dormitory can all be found within one office space created for a private client!

The concept for the offices was to design a space that inspired creativity, created a feeling of awe when guests visited the offices and reflect the clients slogan of being “the biggest party on earth”.

Brian Dowling MD of Helix commented: Our client had limitless vision and had no creative boundaries making this one of my favorite ever projects to date.

The details requested were exceptional and we even produced branded bibles for the church, which when opened simply contained the words blah blah blah blah on every single page.

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This was reported in the national press, with Faceparty deciding to delete all user profiles over the age of 35.

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