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Failblog cheezburger comdatingtagspaking

There are different types of depigmentation in felines; Leukoderma ("white skin"), leukotrichia ("white hair") or vitiligo, which leaves cats with a "snowflake" appearance.All the conditions are very rare and purely cosmetic, meaning the animals who have the rare condition aren't physically affected by it. It usually causes loss of pigment on the face and feet, and this form of vitiligo has been linked to cats that derived from South-East Asian (Siamese, Burmese and related breeds).

The photos also managed to remind a whole lot of people out there that were trying to avoid their household chores.

Just when we thought we'd never get anything better than Donald Trump grasping that orb, we get this dark-humored, delightfully awkward pic that just oozes cringe.

Naturally, people were ready to flood Twitter with some entertaining captions.

To #Trump Your Cat, you should brush your pet, then form the hair into a "toupee", and place it on top of their head.

Oh, and you can thank Donald Purrump for this genius idea!

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North Korea released a smiling picture of Kim Jong-Un and were VERY specific about pointing out the fact that the image was untouched. " in light of the New York Times op ed that was published on Wednesday.

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