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i in M.444.1 [Esther.] Ouvertiire fiir grosses Orchester zu Grillparzer's .. Musikdrama in drei Aufziigen (vier Bildern) nach Armand Silvestre und Eugen Morand von Rudolph Lothar. Klavier Partitur mit deutschem Text von Otto Singer. Fiir sechsstimmigen Chor (2 Soprane, i Alt, i Tenor und 2 Basse) und grosses Orchester componirt von Eugen d'Albert. one tenor with a thorough bass for the harpsicord or violoncello. Six overtures in eight parts for violins, French-horns, hoboys. r RART BRARY OF WELLESLEY COLLEGE PRESENTED BY IS^T^OC Date Due THE ALLEN A. IV Supplement BOSTON PUBLISHED BY THE TRUSTEES 1916 ,-v' V&i Y^^ -^Hll U 153800 ni The Public Library of the Oity of Boston: Printing Department. BROWN COLLECTION OF MUSIC SUPPLEMENT 1908-1916 Club.

M.417.76 Messe solennelle, Deuxieme, dite de Saint-Joseph, a 4 voix mixtes, soli et chceurs, soprano, alto (ou 2e sopr.), tenor, et basse, avec accompagnement d'orgue.

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For the Libretto see Houdart de La Motte, Alcock, John.

9, PP- 78-83.) No.3iin M.43o.i.9 Drinking is an English diversion.

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