Friends reunited dating co uk new

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Friends reunited dating co uk new

And, unusually for an internet business of the era, it was profitable.

Rival social network Path offers a similar proposition by letting users control the audience for each status, or photo they post.It had tens of millions of users at its peak but was quickly usurped by the rise of Myspace and then Facebook, founded four years after Friends Reunited in 2004.Pankhurst, who had parted ways with the site when it was sold to ITV, was offered the chance to try to breathe new life into Friends Reunited two years ago.And this week came the news that Friends Reunited was to close down for good after its original founders, who had been drafted in to resuscitate the brand, failed to turn it round.It marks the end of a very British love affair with an enterprise that was born in the spare bedroom of a semi-detached house in Barnet, north London.

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The number of registered members, which peaked at 23million, was soon in freefall and a business model that relied on subscription fees was looking increasingly outdated in an environment where fast-growing competitors were relying on advertising for their earnings.

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