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There are a surprising number of black guys into BDSM, which is a problem because of the fetishists.

Lots of white guys want to be with you just because you are black; they're not really into dominance, discipline, or pain at all.

One night after a scene, a bottom named Steve and I were chatting. And he's a great top -- really good with role-playing scenes, I guess because he's such a good actor." Actually, I found the other guy in Bill and Ted (Alex Winter) much hotter, but it might be fun to dominate the dopey Ted, wipe that dazed expression off his face.

He was telling me about some of the other guys who had topped him, and he mentioned Keanu Reeves.

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But this is the only story I heard about Keanu Reeves as a BDSM bottom. I'm five years older than you, from Illinois, I grew up in a fundamentalist household, and I'm a gym rat, working out three or four hours a day even in my 60s.

I think I also knew Will the Bondage Boy, if you're describing who I think you are.

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