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Guatemala city dating services

For most of this period, the conflict was fought between the Guatemalan government and the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG), a guerrilla group representing the interests of many native Mayans, who opposed the state’s repossession of land occupied by indigenous communities.The conflict had devastating effects of approximately 200,000 casualties.Medical supplies, including used syringes, toxins emitted from discarded gas tanks, as well as other biohazardous materials contribute to the dangers of the landfill.Human and animal corpses deteriorate amid the waste, exacerbating already poor sanitation conditions.Some orphaned children lost virtually all family members as a result of the extensive casualties of the bitter conflict.These impoverished orphans must provide for themselves, and in many cases, younger siblings as well, which poses a significant barrier toward obtaining an education.Those who are unable to find space in the margins of the landfill are considered lucky if they can find a few square feet within its borders and among the fetid trash.

Those that migrated from the highlands to the lowlands during and after the civil war generally speak dialects of the Mayan languages.Currently, 40 percent of the families living in the squatting community surrounding the dump are single parent households, headed by women.Children often work instead of attending school in order to contribute to their family’s income.The Guatemala City garbage dump, situated in a ravine, occupies 40 acres of land in the nation’s capital.Guatemala is the most populated nation in Central America, with more than 13 million residents.

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If they had done so, large-scale migration and the creation of large squatting communities could have been less dramatic in scope.

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  1. However, some have questioned the results of the study due to the researchers’ lack of transparency in their methodology and because the results haven’t been replicated elsewhere.