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Hogwild dating

An Americanism dating from about 1905, this expression is a mysterious metaphor.

What would be the consequences of not dealing with the problem right now?

Being one of the few white kids in the neighborhood I was given various basketball nicknames.

iki Vandeweghe, who happened to be a sucky white guy on the New York Knicks at the time. But there were other guys who felt I didn't deserve a human name at all and they called me "Wonder." As in Wonder Bread. I was famous for my tough physical play and being able to withstand any number of flagrant fouls including elbows to my face, karate chops to my Adam's Apple and of course, pistol-whipping.

* My proudest achievement was winning the Little League Championship Trophy for our local community.

My 2nd proudest achievement was being named to my Little League All-Star Team as a reserve to the back-up outfielder!!!

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* I taught computer science at an inner-city high school.

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  1. "I disappeared from 'Downton Land' in series three. Filming has now wrapped on the movie after starting in September, so it seems that everything is on track for that release date.