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Liquidating real estate assets

Many mortgage loans have a due-on-sale clause, which mandates that the loan be paid off whenever title is transferred.Most lenders will not enforce this clause if you transfer your property to a living trust.Liquidation often has a negative connotation for this reason. Case Study If eliminating dividends, laying off employees, selling subsidiaries, restructuring debt, and, finally, reorganization under Chapter 11 bankruptcy fail to resuscitate a business, the likely outcome is liquidation.Early 2001 witnessed the end of the line for Tennessee-based retailer Service Merchandise, a 42-year-old chain of catalog showrooms that proved unable to compete with large discounters such as Wal-Mart.

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Depending on prevailing tax law, creating a simple living trust holding your real estate delivers no extra estate or income tax benefits.

If you have a spouse as co-owner of your real property and named a trustee, you can provide that the first deceased spouse transfers all trust assets to the surviving spouse.

Such a process can be initiated at the behest of the CREDITORS where the company is insolvent (a compulsory winding-up) or by the company directors or SHAREHOLDERS, in which case it is known as a voluntary winding-up.

The person appointed liquidator, either by the company directors/shareholders or the creditors, sells off the company's ASSETS for as much as they will realize.

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