Loveair dating airline workers

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He said he enjoys them since it makes him feel like he's a part of my life even if he's not there.I want to understand why we can't communicate when he's in different countries when there are many apps to use to communicate and Wi-Fi in hotels.I have been reading blogs on dating a pilot but would love some advice and tips about what it's like being in a relationship with someone who is a pilot.

I want answers and I won't stay with someone who doesn't put in any effort and is using me.

More so to your ‘man’s’ point, if they are flying internationally, internet access is critical for verifying passenger lists, passports, visas, overfly permits, etc. Well, I'm sure you've figured this out by now, but this guy is a lying a scum bag. I'm never out of contact with anyone back home.

Even in the most remote parts of the world, pilots have data. The regulations require a certain number of days off. That's just an absurd thing to claim in today's world. They do exist, and they are the worst kinds of people. If he's not gonna make an effort, why should you?

So he's an airline transport pilot...if that makes a difference.

I looked him up on the FAA Airmen Registry and he's legit so idk if I may have gotten something wrong?

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Edit: First off, I want to thank every one of you for putting in the time to even respond to this post.