Madison hildebrand dating

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Madison hildebrand dating

I took a different approach, a more subtle approach, and I kind of like the way Bravo did it …slowly revealing my life, because for the most part no one knows anything about my life other than what they can read on the Internet or what they see on the show with my family, but my private life was always kind of a mystery.At the rate we are going, we might have to change the title of the show to ‘Two Homos and the Straight Dude.’ …You know Madison chose to come out on TV and make a big to do about it, which I respect.Madison Hildebrand, the star and original cast member of Bravo’s hit TV show “Million Dollar Listing,” is quitting TV life and joining a small, independent Los Angeles brokerage.

Hildebrand also serves as a brand ambassador for Docu Sign.

Real Housewives might have less authenticity, but feels more organic than a lot of Million Dollar Listing, which I blame on the production, because the cast members are really real estate agents who are doing real deals.

Why we can’t see that instead of fake conflict between them is beyond me, but I guess they know what they’re doing since I’m still watching, even if I’m rolling my eyes.

That wasn’t explained on the show–I wouldn’t expect Million Dollar Listing to have a coherent narrative–but he was referring to Colton Thorn, Josh’s long-time boyfriend/partner.

Josh’s Facebook profile says he’s been in a relationship with Colton since October 24, 2007, and as this 2009 photo shows, they’re obviously together in public, just not on the show.

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For the second time in two seasons, a cast member on Bravo’s docudrama Million Dollar Listing is coming out as gay.