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Most of the time, you have two options for banging: 1) date them for a while, or 2) don't be Persian yourself.

They are very cliquish and tend to hang out only with other Persians.

, here are my 2 cents : "Conservative" Middle eastern chics are easier to bang, Why ? because they face the dichotomy of strict upbringing at home and friends having wild fun, which they want to be a part of. You can bang them as long as no one knows about it, they have to still cover their head with Hijab and potect their rep in the community. It would be much better if you are not in touch with there community. Find girls in Schools, Colleges, etc with Palestenian, Iraqi, Persian, Syrian roots and yes a Happy medium between FOB and Born and raised here works the best..... These conservative chics are the Nyc has a lot of middle easterns. She had to hide me from pretty much everyone, including her family, it was a turn on for both of us... I'm sure some rich dude will buy her into marriage anyway though...she's hot as fuck and literally had jewelry and flowers sent to her all the time with offers of marriage from other familys. Moreso I've noticed that those born here versus those that came from the motherland, the immigrant girls are far quicker to put out. It probably has something to do with the fact that those immigrant girls are far from their relatives' eyes and are less inhibitted by social pressure.

and once I finally broke through with the immediate fam I was known as the older brothers friend to everyone else in the "circle". On the contrary girls who have been living in the country for a long time are under stricter control inside their community.

A breakdown for Westernized American Middle Eastern girls and those who are not would be appreciated.

I tapped a Persian girl last night, and earlier in the evening was talking to an impossibly hot Lebanese/Iraqi girl.

North suburbs of the Chicago-land area are a good choice.

I've been chatting with an Indian chick (country not Native American) I meet there awhile back, and I'm trying to line her up as my birthday bang. She would not give me her number, it literally took twenty minutes from when I first asked her..was that fucking hot though, I was not about to give up, and she rewarded me for my efforts. She was supposed to get an arranged marriage till I de virginized....whoops.... non-westernized, it's hard to make that distinction at least in my eyes.

They also like to go to places like Urth Cafe and other coffee shops, and of course shop at malls. non-westernized, it's hard to make that distinction at least in my eyes.

Its funny because she has an accounting degree and seems like a yuppie. I used to see some just going about my day when I lived in northern Virginia, but I have no idea where they congregate/socialize. Other mixed settings where she's not facing "group" pressure to conform.

Are they really insular culturally like Ethiopians? In terms of easy(er) foreign (and domestic) poon of any kind, college is where it's at. - work - work mixers - classes that aren't in college - bars, clubs, restaurants where she's not in the majority - when she's rolling with her non-Arabic/Muslim/Persian friends What you don't do is head off to "international" night held at some converted restaurant and think you can pull Fatima off Faisal with ease.

yeah man not gonna lie I got in the habit of showering after shits and or using wet paper towel its a real game changer I haven't got swap ass in years and literally can't really use toilet paper anymore...

it makes sense if you had dirt on your hand you wouldn't try to wipe it off with tissue, you'd fuking go wash your hands.

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The nation has received a high number of middle eastern immigrants ever since the fall of the Shah in the 70s.