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Ms access update query not updating records

You will not be warned that this data has been truncated.

The After Update event fires whenever After Update Access completes the operation of committing changes to an existing record in a table.

The data macro logic for the After Update event is as follows: Comment Block: If we are modifying an existing termination record, one of two possibilities exist: 1.

The Employee that this termination is for remains unchanged - Scenario is just updating some data for the termination record.2.

As you just saw in the previous section, we have a data macro defined in the After Insert event to mark the employee's Active field to False whenever we create a termination record.

What happens, though, if we accidentally select the wrong employee when we save the new termination record?

In an Append query, the records will be appended, but certain fields may be left blank.

If data is appended to a text field, and the field size is set to smaller than that of the data that is being appended, Microsoft Access will truncate any data that does not fit the new field.

If the Employee ID field changed, we know the user is assigning this existing termination record to a different employee.

Once the specified action is assigned (update, delete or append) this will then define the action that will be taken against the selected records.

An action query is an efficient tool for making bulk data modifications against your database tables.

Most Microsoft Access database users will use database queries to request or question information from one or more of your database tables.

In Microsoft Access certain queries can also be used to change data as well as display or retrieve it.

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The Employee that this termination is assigned to changed - Scenario here is that when the record was first created, it might have been assigned to the wrong employee.

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