My daughter is dating an atheist wheelchair user dating

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So if I need help with a project he has always been there. I hope and pray someday he and God develop a relationship, but I understand that as his wife I am unlikely to convert him.

He understands how I think and I understand how he thinks.

I'm away on a big trip to Asia soon so I'll have plenty of stuff to look forward to.As an atheist, I would resent my spouse so much for believing in something I found to be absurd, and they would always wish for me to be Christian so we could live together forever in heaven, no matter what they said outwardly. Better than my experience with this one atheist chick. I dated an atheist for a while, it ended because of other issues we had.Standing outside together after a few drinks at a party and she notices the church across the way: She says "Ha, Christians are so fucking stupid how can they believe that shit."Me "Ha... Because of him I learned to respect people and really love them even if they didn't believe in what I believed.I wanted it to work out so badly but sometimes it just doesn't.I do think that it can possibly work out for people but a lot of times the lens that an atheist and a believer views the world through is just too different.

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Extremely happy to say that she is still my good friend though.

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  1. We also brought the case to our table and after an emotional hate filled discussion, we dissolved the meeting and everybody left the restaurant to go their ways without saying goodbye to each other.