My ex dating ugly guy

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My ex dating ugly guy

I don't think she really sees this new guy as something solid. I'm sure she would like it to be more with him but at this point it is limited to nights together. She still enjoys my company and I know she loves riding me face while she asks me if her pussy seems different now that she has had BBC inside her regularly. In my humble opinion, based on your description, your jealousy is rooted in the “relationship” part of what you share with her (as opposed to the sex/cuckold part). If she doesn't do that, you know where you stand, at least.

From the relationship perspective, you need to be fair to her and commit one way or the other. I've read your posts since you started and I always thought, "She's smacking him over the head, she loves him." Now, it might be too late for you, but if you don't want that, try being honest with yourself and your former girlfriend.

When he was single, EVERY time I'd go out with him, whether it was a bar or a J.

Over the next 2 weeks she really bonded with this guy and was spending most nights with him.

She said the sex was amazing and he would always cum inside her. She was also very happy to see me and even picked me up at the airport.

Sometimes we don't see the value in front of us until it is gone. You didn't want to commit to her but now that she is bonding with this new man you don't want to let go.

Talk to her and find out if she views you as a friend, a friend with benefits, or something more than that. If she wants to be monogamous with this new guy you will have to accept a friend only role or step aside. she really wants you in her life, she'll reach out to you and then you can set some terms for restarting the relationship.

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He looked over at me and said, "Is this [insert his name]? Tastes and priorities certainly change with age and wisdom, that's for sure. I don't think that it's so polarised, there's got to be a grey area. I think they're both gorgeous, but obviously in different ways. I am also usually clear with myself that my exes are exes for a reason.

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