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Myspace dating scams

Correspondingly, a scammer might be bearded Boris who starts a quick Internet-affair and then asks for money. Did you know the word "scam" is understood in ex Soviet Union countries as specifically meaning swindling money using online dating.If you see any of the red flags listed below, proceed with extreme caution. There is no way to reverse a wire transfer – once the money leaves your account, it’s gone, and you can’t ask the bank to “undo” the transfer.They don’t necessarily mean you’re dealing with a scammer, but it’s worth slowing down before you part with your money. Thieves love wire transfers because the money is available for withdrawal almost immediately (before everybody figures out what they’re up to).Scammers have various ways to cheat you out of money (when you’re supposed to be the one collecting money – funny how that happens).For example, they’ll try the classic cashier’s check scam or they’ll ask for your bank account information under the pretext of sending an electronic payment or wire transfer (then they’ll use that information to get into your bank account).

There’s no legitimate reason for you to handle payments for somebody else.

If somebody has a great “business opportunity,” why don’t they just do it themselves instead of wasting time and money scouring the internet for more investors?

If you’re selling something that you’ve advertised online, be wary of accepting anything but cash as payment.

In the end the foreigner learns that his beautiful Elena turned out to be a bearded Boris, but most likely the ill-starred foreigner will blame heartless Russian women for everything.

) an amorous foreigner will send the "Princess" a couple of thousand bucks, so that she could buy a ticket and they could live happily together.

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If something sounds too good to be true and it’s coming from somebody you don’t know, it’s almost certainly a scam.

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