Okcupid dating persona test answers Sexual teen chat sites

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Okcupid dating persona test answers

Don’t try to convert women who have made it clear up front that they don’t want your sexual advances. Here is a text-book case of what to avoid, if you’re looking to get laid online.Clearly states here that she wants a long-term relationship; not interested in hookups.*Fair warning — This girl will probably expect you to pay for multiple dates, hold sex over your head, and may be disagreeable.She will also one-day be impressed with you for: having your shit together, being in great shape, and being outcome independent and willing to walk away from her.One of the tricks of actually getting good with women is to Know & PLAY your POSITION.If she’s a smoking 10, or even an aggressive ‘8’, she could prove troublesome if your game, money, and looks are not TIGHT yet. (Emotional Intelligence) may have a slightly easier time telling profiles apart — but just remember: After you’ve inspected the other aspects of her profile (LOOKING FOR, Pictures, and Written profile) you should check out the ‘Questions’ portion of her profile for any questions regarding sex.

It’s just how they are wired, and it’s not a bad thing. Unless, that is, you want to try out putting in the extra work — or if you enjoy the challenge.

The point of this process is to There are a number of different ways to tell if the girl you match with is down, ranging from obvious to slightly more subtle ones.

The most obvious way to tell if a chick is potentially down upfront is that they list “Hook-Ups” or “Short-Term Dating” in their ‘looking for’ section.

Don’t have your bedroom game down one-hundred percent? This is a great opportunity to test out your game without getting intimidated.

You can always work up to the 7.5/8/9’s, and 10’s later.

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Every one is slightly different, and yet, there are distinct profile patterns that a lot of them share.

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  1. What characteristics I value in myself and look for in a partner are confident, down-to-earth, and quirky. I'm easy-going with an exceptional sense of humor; ya gotta have I am from Maine, recent transplant to Vermont for work. I enjoy conversation with friends I am a 31 yr old woman living in Northern Vermont.