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That it was shameful to be fat and that men only find skinny women to be desirable because only skinny women are considered to be beautiful.

Basically, to sum up my mothers message, there was to be no place for me in dating, love, marriage or happiness really if I were an overweight woman.

Don’t take the easy route and simply go with the crap out there because you didn’t want to invest in the time to look your very best.

I chuckled recently when a client of mine called me the Energizer Bunny in response to a statement I made about a singles event that I was hosting in Minneapolis, MN.

There is a big misconception that fat people are not active and don’t have energy; it is up to you to show people otherwise. I see far to many overweight singles wearing clothing that does not flatter them.

I see this time and time again, and all it does it work against them.

If you are focused on your weight then so will other people.

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Self-esteem and confidence are two great influences on your dating life.

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