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All Forms Personalizations, on the other hand, are stored as metadata, and so they are all seamlessly upgraded without needing to be re-applied or addressed - just like Flexfields or Folder definitions! This brings up the Personalization Form in the context of the Form and Function that you were in.Forms Personalization provides tools to perform the same configurations, in the form of a Form. This is where you build the Personalizations specific to that Form or Function.It's a feature that's been out just under 2 years, but this is a great venue to highlight it to make sure you're taking maximum advantage of it. Forms Personalization takes the Custom Library ( coding is all hand-tooled PL/SQL which is controlled in a single source file, by default.It allows implementers to trap various Forms triggers and take actions based on them.Try again later.'); raise form_trigger_failure; End if; End; However, when I add that code, it seems to change the behavior of the locking process.

A query will NEVER lock a row(except you specify an FOR UPDATE).

Any statement in post-insert or post-update trigger of Block1 change the data of Block2 or Block3 not database then the form would raise frm-40654 error at the time of commit or updating the form so that statement should be moved in pre-insert or pre-update trigger instead of post-insert or post-update. TRIGGER_RECORD in POST-QUERY to assign its value to a display item in your block.

If you are to create records in this block, then you will also need to put it in WHEN-CREATE-RECORD or some similar trigger depending on what scenario you need to cover.

Forms Personalization was tested for performance and has been found to have very low impact.

So don't worry about using this on heavily trafficked forms. H), patch 3262159; alternately, it's included in ATG Family Pack H with additional niceties.

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Check whether you have any triggers server-side that are working on the tables in your form.