Peru dating and marriage

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Peru dating and marriage

Men tend to be responsible for financially supporting the family and are usually consulted for major family matters.In general, raising children and managing the household finances are the responsibility of the mother.Civil marriages tend to be popular in urban areas and often serve as a cheaper alternative to a traditional church wedding.Regardless, a civil wedding is required for the marriage to be legally recognised.It is celebrated throughout Peruvian society, regardless of the family's socioeconomic standing.

Indeed, it is more common to find women working outside the home in many professional fields.

A popular event for young teenage girls is their (15th birthday).

This event is believed to mark a girl's transition to adulthood.

For example, the relationship called ‘’ (godparenthood) is an extension of the family structure.

One’s godparents often become ‘second parents’ who are responsible for the child’s religious development and to help the child’s parents in times of need.

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