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Playstation psn real live sex chat

All I'm trying to do here is determine if he really meant it or if he's lying.He says it's no big deal but if he can't stop then we both know he has a problem..will only get worse, so stop fooling yourself and face up to facts - HE HAS A PROBLEM so dont make them yours - getting an appetite else where is one thing but a compulsion is another- - there are plenty of other fish in the sea - believe me you only get one chance at picking the "MR Right" so dont blow it.I did not post my question to invite advice from strangers regarding my personal life.I have sought help from friends and also a professional counselor through my work.

And for the record, this is OUR computer (for those of you who don't agree with my spying on his computer history......).

Product manufactured under official Play Station license.

The first racing wheel for Play Station4 racing games!


Obviously a few people out there failed to notice my statement that my decision whether or not to put up with this is totally separate from my original question.

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I know people have very different views about this issue.

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