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With the overrepresentation of white people in Hollywood, much of what we think is beautiful becomes centered on the archetypal white women in film.

These standards value European features, like lighter skin, straight hair, thin noses and lips and light colored eyes, which are heavily associated with whiteness.

By analyzing the ways multiracial women talk about dating, the author provides a greater understanding of the shifting meanings of race, racism, and the “postracial” in contemporary American society.

Kevin Moye | Staff Writer Since the dawn of Western civilization, white supremacy has influenced nearly every aspect of our society.

For black women that are struggling with online dating, it is of the utmost importance for them to understand that, like in most aspects of life, they are playing a rigged game. What one user sees as dismissible, is beauty in the eyes of another.

But a few months ago, after a breakup, I turned to Tinder and Bumble as a temporary bandage for my wounded heart (and, let's be honest, ego).

After four months of swiping, I found myself worse off mentally than when I began.

Even now, these standards are continuously perpetuated in today’s age through the portrayal of beauty in the media.

One of the key ways in which we get our standards of beauty, the acting industry, continues to be a white-dominated field.

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