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Zara's even been leaving comments such as "stunning" under Sam's shirtless selfies. He was lovely to me and that’s all I can say.” The Sun revealed Olly and Zara were dating in April after the coach invited her as his special guest to the semi-finals of The Voice.

Zara was most recently linked to singer Olly Murs, but the 22-year-old cooled off her romance with the star, 34, over their 12-year age gap as she admits Olly cracked on to her after admiring her sexy Instagram pictures. But Zara claimed she isn’t ready for a committed relationship after being left heartbroken following the end of her romance with co-star Adam Collard.

Credit: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program A day is the time for Earth to make one complete rotation on its axis, a year is the time for Earth to make one revolution around the Sun—reminders that basic units of time and periods on Earth are intimately linked to our planet's motion in space relative to the Sun.

In fact, we mostly live our lives to the rhythm of these astronomical cycles. The cycles in daily and annual sunlight cause the familiar diel swings in temperature and the seasons.

"We had this one curve based on data from over 50-million-year-old sediment drilled from the ocean floor and then the other curve entirely based on physics and numerical integration of the solar system.

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On geologic time scales (thousands to millions of years), variations in Earth's orbit are the pacemaker of the ice ages (so-called Milankovitch cycles).

Changes in orbital parameters include eccentricity (the deviation from a perfect circular orbit), which can be identified in geological archives, just like a fingerprint.

The astronomical solution has a built-in clock and so provides an accurate chronology for the geologic record.

However, geologists and astronomers have struggled to extend the astronomical time scale further back than about fifty million years due to a major roadblock: solar system chaos, which makes the system unpredictable beyond a certain point.

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Sam looked happy and relaxed as he chased Zara down the street playfully.

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  1. If you haven’t already heard, the Queen’s been outed. Last week paparazzi photos leaked of Queen Latifah sharing an intimate moment with her “personal trainer” and rumored long-time love Jeanette Jenkins, while celebrating Alicia Keys’ wedding aboard a French yacht.