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Super Groupies will be making new watches in the themes of Edward Elric and Roy Mustang from #Fullmetal Alchemist!We have also re-opened orders for Ed's coat and satchel as well as Roy's coat!After Edward destroys his gate, he turns around and Truth points him toward Alphonse's gate, where Al is sitting.The two boys return through that to the real world.He discovers a connection between his mom's death and these monsters. See full summary » The plot takes place at the beginning of the 20th century, in a reality where alchemy is real, extremely developed and respected.In the lost holy land of Milos, the Elrics search for the truth behind an unknown form of alchemy. Riddles must be solved and dangers faced before the truth can be found. 1: After the end of the production of the "Conqueror of Shambala" the entire cast of character celebrate in chibi form. The plot features brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric who, after attempting the forbidden technique of human transmutation, suffer the consequences.

We do indeed see that being blind would have prevented Roy from staying in the military (according to the manga), and that in theory he could have regained his sight by giving up his gate.Over in Japan, the brand Super Groupies will team up with As you can see here, Aitai Kuji has broken down its sale of these upcoming items for fans online.Netizens can get a good look at the two watches up for pre-order as each are based on a favorite character.Release Date: December 2019 Ms Pc Cq Z8p FS — Aitai☆Kuji (@Aitai Kuji) June 17, 2019 Obviously, the items set in this collection are not cheap ones by any means.Each watch will cost fans 5 through Aitai Kuji, and that is not all.

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Since Mustang could have done no such thing, it makes sense he would have concluded there to be no way to return once he had destroyed his gate.

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