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The university's campus surrounds the historic Mission Santa Clara de Asis which traces its founding to 1776.The campus mirrors the Mission's architectural style and provides a fine early example of Mission Revival any class you take, you will learn the course material along with the impact that ethical decision-making has in the field.Santa Clara's campus has the same feeling my high school did, one of community, love, passion, and drive.50th Anniversary of Women In 1961, it was announced women would be admitted into the Santa Clara University undergraduate program. In 2011, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of women at SCU.Chiara de Blasio doesn’t shave anything, anywhere, anymore.The mission flourished for more than 50 years despite these setbacks.Beginning in the 1830s, however, the mission lands were repossessed in conjunction with government policy implemented via the Mexico's secularization, and church buildings fell into disrepair.

Santa Clara alumni founded Nvidia and Farmer's Insurance, and created Java Script.

The two most recent Governors of California attended Santa Clara. Broncos have won NCAA championships in both men's and women's soccer.

Santa Clara's student athletes include current or former 58 MLB, The first two colleges in California were founded at the height of the Gold Rush in 1851, both in the small agricultural town of Santa Clara.

Santa Clara’s signature campus building is Mission Santa Clara de Asis, a Spanish mission dating back to 1777.

As a Jesuit institution, SCU celebrates daily and Sunday mass at the Mission Church.

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santa clara university is a school where staff and faculty care about you.

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