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Arin specifically recommended Danny as the co-host of Steam Train to Ross, since he felt that Danny would have always been his second choice to co-host Game Grumps if Jon were unavailable.

However, plans changed when Jon left unexpectedly and Danny replaced Jon as Arin's co-host.

They have six albums out, NSFW, Strawberries and Cream, Attitude City, Cool Patrol, and Under the Covers Vol 1 2, an album of covers from the 1970s and '80s.

NSP started out at a UCB as a musical guest at Danny's storytelling teacher's show, "Strip Stories".

better known as Danny Sexbang of the band Ninja Sex Party and commonly referred to as Dan or Danny, is the co host of Game Grumps and a member of Steam Train.

As at the time, Danny was working on Game Grumps, Steam Train, Ninja Sex Party, and Starbomb, his workload became too time-consuming and Danny had to step down to a recurring role on Steam Train.

Danny mentioned that the Mondo Media staff experience was welcoming, although he was not confident that the way his character was written would appeal to audiences.

Danny also created, wrote, and provided voice acting for the studio's short-lived animated comedy miniseries DJs in PJs.

Danny has also been in many Grump Out videos; notably the I Burgie Burgie and All Hail Burgie segments in which he plays the role of an emo teen.

After the introduction of Grumpcade, it took Danny nearly a year to be featured on a Grumpcade episode, making his Grumpcade debut in Burger Time, alongside Brian.

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Danny returned to Mondo in September 2013 to compose "Dick Figures: The Movie: The Song" for the Dick Figures: The Movie soundtrack with Ninja Sex Party.

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