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She also had the honor of being listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Greatest Miser after she died. NET WORTH: Estimated from 0 million to 0 million during 1916 (or ,458,271.84 in 2013 based on which makes Green the richest woman in her time.

It was said she spent all night in search of a 2-cent stamp that got lost in her carriage. Despite the miser tag that is forever associated with her, Hetty Green was one of the pioneering successful businesswomen in America, paved the way for women empowerment in Wall Street and even saved the city of New York quite a few times when it needed money to stay out of bankruptcy.

Social critics failed to note that the kid wears hoodies and flip-flops and was fine with dorm meals before he gets to billionaire status.America credits Rose’s resilience and longevity in saving the historical 6-acre Kennedy Compound in Marchant Avenue, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts from being sold at various times along the family line drama associated with the Kennedys.Purchased in 1928, it is now converted into a research facility and historical museum.The businessman-philanthropist had many siblings and they all grew up in poverty in coal-producing Pennsylvania.He credited their Scottish roots and their mother’s resourcefulness to his frugal lifestyle. If I can get better value on a diamond at a pawnshop, I’d sooner get it there than at Tiffany’s,” he shared.

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To date, he has a number of investments in lucrative technology businesses.

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