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Posted by / 10-May-2020 12:57

Receiving notifications for dependency property changes on an existing object is a very common scenario in order to update my view model or the UI.This is quite easy in WPF: does exist in Silverlight.

So I have been using Dependency Properties on Templated Controls and had no issues...

In order to get a workaround I found a solution in which I get notified with help of the binding system.

I simple use a relay object which value property is bound to the source property I want to get notified.

I am now making a User Control that is derived from a Template Control...

The class "Toolbar" is a Templated Control and is the base for other toolbars.

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The class "Data Toolbar" is a User Control derived from "Toolbar", it adds some specific content to the base toolbar and adds a Dependency Property for a Map control...

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